At Clubs

Run Jump Throw supports athletics clubs to plan and implement a quality, developmentally-appropriate and fun programme for children aged from 6-11 years old.

Run Jump Throw at Clubs

Run Jump Throw provides athletics clubs with easy to use resources that support the planning and delivery of teaching athletics skills in a fun environment. It is designed to be flexible so it can fit into any club scenario.

We’ve worked with the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation to integrate the STEP process into Run Jump Throw.  STEP = Space, Task, Equipment and People and allows for the adaption or modification of any activity to make the learning outcomes achievable for any participant.

The quality resources (including skills cards, coaching manual, session planners and videos) allow athletics clubs to easily teach the foundation skills of athletics.  The skills section includes:

  • Running ­ – speed, endurance, starts, over obstacles and relays
  • Jumping – distance, jumping for distance, jumping for height and jumping with a pole
  • Throwing – pulling, pushing, slinging and heaving.

The front of each skills card explains the key skill criteria and gives verbal clues to support the child’s learning. The back of the card includes fun activities and the STEP guide to support skill learning.