What Is Get Set Go?

Active Kiwi Kids Enjoying Sport and Play Every Day!

Get Set Go is designed to help Kiwi kids (aged 3-8 years) enjoy being more active through play and sport.

The programme provides educational, developmentally- appropriate, fun activities that build and develop children’s basic fundamental movement skills.

Get Set Go helps increase teachers, athletics clubs, coaches and parents understanding of the importance of movement, play and positive experiences for children. It provides professional development tools and quality resources around the assessment, planning and development of fundamental skills within a broad child-centred framework.

This fun and easy to implement initiative allows kids to develop the essential movement skills they need to make participation in games and sport more fun and successful, including:

  • Physical movement skills
  • Knowledge and cognitive skills
  • Emotional and social skills

Enjoyment and passion for sport is often established at an early age, creating life-long participation and accompanying health benefits. Get Set Go sets Kiwi kids on the path to enjoying a lifelong involvement in physical activity, providing the foundation movements for any sport. Hamish Grey, Chief Executive

The Get Set Go programme is supported by Sport NZ, Physical Education New Zealand and the Halberg Trust.