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Get Set Go provides educational, developmentally appropriate fun activities that build and develop children’s basic skills they need so that they can choose and enjoy being more active through sport and play, and participate in sport and recreation for life.

  • Get Set Go uses an approach of ‘Learning To Move’ & ‘Learning Through Movement’ which recognises the interactive nature of domains of human behaviour, (Physical, Cognitive and Affective domains).
  • Get Set Go support Teachers, Coaches and Parents in the assessment, planning and development of foundation skills such as balancing, running, throwing and catching, within this broad child centered framework supporting children’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.
  • Get Set Go aims  to increase teachers, coaches and parents understanding of the critical importance of fundamental movement skills, play and positive movement experiences for children.
  • Get Set Go recognises contemporary research concerning the role that movement plays in learning and cognitive development, and aims to give coaches and teachers practical techniques to implement these findings and enhance learning outcomes for students.
  • Get Set Go aims  to link schools and their communities together in achieving positive outcomes for children around physical activity
  • Get Set Go aims  to support teachers in delivering the objectives of the NZ Curriculum.

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Maria Kroonenberg, St Thomas School

The games are easy and practical, the students picked up the rules really quickly and the programme is structured and easy to follow so even those who lack confidence teaching PE can easily follow it and enjoy it. Best of all, the teacher can join in with the game! Overall it’s well organised and structured I and got LOADS FROM IT. I 100% recommended to any school wanting to enhance their PE programme.Maria Kroonenberg, St Thomas School


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