Get Set Go – Resource Options

Get Set Go is a fundamental movement skill programme designed to increase teachers, coaches, and parents understanding of the importance of movement, play and positive experiences for children. Below are multiple ways teachers of Get Set Go can facilitate the programme to young participants. In either printed or digital formats these guides provide fun, exciting activities, with strategic methods on how to present your budding students the basic skills, and techniques necessary in physical activity.

Get Set Go Combo Teacher Resource and Resource Cards

The complete pack of both the Teacher Resource, and Resource Cards will provide educators of the Get Set Go programme the necessities of the 3 Skill Themes Stability, Locomotor, and Manipulative.


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Get Set Go Teacher Resource Pack

The Teacher Get Set Go resource is designed for planning and has more detail about the skills and skill criteria. It comes with a Teachers Manual, 3 skill theme booklets (Stability, Locomotor and Manipulative) and 12 teacher cards with small detail about each skills. The skill theme booklets contain a breakdown of each skill (skill criteria), differing levels of the skill (beginning, developing and consolidating), verbal and coach questions, a couple of games and also a task they can do at home.


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Get Set Go Club Resource Cards

The Get Set Go Resource Cards have been designed for Athletics clubs to easily implement Get Set Go to children aged 3 - 6 years old. The front of the card explains the skill, the phase, coaching tips and verbal cues. On the back of the cards are two fun activities and the S.T.E.P. guide.


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