Get Set Go at Clubs

Get Set Go makes it easy for athletics clubs to plan and deliver a developmentally-appropriate programme for young members to enjoy and learn life-long movement skills from.

The quality resources (including skills cards, session planners and videos) allow athletics clubs to easily implement key fundamental movement skills, including:

  • Stability – balance, landing and rotation
  • Locomotor – hopping, skipping, jumping, dodging and running
  • Manipulative – catching, throwing, striking and kicking

This innovative way of teaching fundamental movement skills helps encourage a safe environment where children are able to experience success, develop skills and learn positive attitudes towards sports and recreation.

Get Set Go on a Club Night 

 Duncan Murray, Olympic Athletic and Harrier Club

“Get Set Go is simply awesome. We decided to pilot it at our club and it’s the best thing we’ve done.  The kids love it and our numbers increased during the season.  They also loved having their parents doing the activities as well.  It really helped those kids who were less confident or a bit shy at the start and it didn’t matter what stage of development the kids were at, they could take part in everything. I’m definitely sold on the programme, as a teacher and a coach. Another bonus was having a group of older athletes come and volunteer at our club nights with the Get Set Go programme.  The younger kids really look up to them, and it was a fun and easy way to get them volunteering on club nights.” Duncan Murray, Lead Coach at Olympic Junior Track and Field.

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